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How to Create a Magical College Life

by Morris Taylor


Read this book and in just a few hours you'll have 25 tested

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relationships, and super self-confidence!  Guaranteed...

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how to create a magical college life

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"... a 'reader friendly' guide to pursuing a successful college career and life... 

For its concise and in-depth grasp of college life, How To Create A Magical College Life

is very highly recommended."

- Midwest Book Review 


What Do You Want from Your College Experience?


  • A quality education?

  • Good grades?

  • To prepare for a satisfying and rewarding career?

  • To acquire skills you can use in other areas of your life?

  • To mature as a person and become more confident and independent?

  • To make strong friendships that will last a lifetime?

  • To meet that special guy or girl and build a lasting relationship?

  • To prepare for a graduate level degree or other advanced studies?

  • To finally decide what you want to do with the rest of your life?

Whatever your dream or ambition, you can achieve it.  But you need a plan -- a strategic approach that will help you target your goals like a laser and take you from where you are now to where you want to be!


How to Create a Magical College Life gives you that plan!








"I love this book!  ...I don't want to sound corny here but I think

  the book changed my life. It got me to reexamine my life

  choices, my attitude, and my friends. It really is a powerful tool

  for those willing to listen."

  —Jerry Flynn, student






Made so clear and systematic, now anyone can understand what it takes to

"Make College Success as Simple as 1-2-3!"

Dear Friend,


This book isn't like anything else you've seen before! 


If you're looking for tips on how to take lecture notes or the best way to use a highlighter when studying, this book is not for you!  But if you want to know what it takes to succeed - really succeed - in a competitive, high-stress college environment, this is the only guide you'll ever need!


Let's face it -- the differences between high school and college are enormous, and many of today's high school graduates simply aren't prepared to successfully make the transition.  Surprisingly, success in the classroom is not the biggest challenge!  One national study found that 37% of students who drop out of college have grade point averages of 2.5 or better!  The fact is that the vast majority of college dropouts fail not because they aren't smart enough or can't do the work, but because they can't organize their lives and their priorities to deal with the academic and social pressures of a college environment.  Don't let this happen to you!


In 25 concise but information-packed chapters, How to Create a Magical College Life  demystifies the key concepts and techniques that guarantee your college success!





"This practical, sensible, and easy-to-read gem resonates with 

  dozens of effective strategies for assisting students as they

  negotiate multiple roles and challenges in transitioning from

  high school to college...  Mr. Taylor will take the student who

  reads this book on a short journey that can help him/her not

  only survive, but thrive, in the college environment and beyond."  

  James Bruce, Jr., Ph.D., Principal

     Impact Behavioral Consulting Services



"Morris Taylor truly weaves a magic wand in this tiny, wisdom filled book..."

The College Connection





The Essential Strategies You Need... To Achieve College Success!


How to Create a Magical College Life teaches 25 specific and powerful strategies. The strategies are divided into four sections, each of which addresses one of the key elements essential to any self-development effort:


    Mindset (your internal thinking and attitudes)

    Habits (your personal patterns of behavior)

    Training and education (the most essential skills and abilities necessary

        to succeed)

    Environment (the people and personal relationships that provide

        support and contribute to your overall success)   


Does this sound complicated?  It's not!  In fact, the way Taylor teaches it, it's not only simple but fun!  In a direct, no-fluff style, this book teaches the real secrets behind managing your time, improving memory, boosting your self-image, impressing college professors, setting and achieving goals, improving personal relationships, managing personal finances, and much more.  As a result, you'll succeed with less stress, more confidence, and with tools you'll take with you and use for the rest of your life!





 "Morris Taylor's How to Create a Magical College Life is a little 

  book chock full of wisdom..."

  - Lynn Byrne, Editor

    Colleges at BellaOnline.Com





In How to Create a Magical College Life you will learn:

  • Why you should want your professors to know your name and face and how to make them want to bend over backwards to help you! (Strategy #10)

  • How to use other people’s test preparations to earn better grades for yourself! (Strategy #23)

  • How to erase all feelings of low self-esteem and create a new, confident self-image! (Strategies #3 and #5)

  • The single most important principle for college success! This strategy is easy to understand, easy to do, and absolutely foolproof!  (Strategy #20)

  • The people you should avoid – how to identify them and keep them from threatening your emotional health and academic success! (Strategy #24)

  • The four most important skills you MUST have in order to succeed both in college and in the "real world" after college!  (Strategies #16 - #19)

  • How to create and stick to a budget that you can live with! (Strategy #22)

  • 5 simple steps you can take to protect your health and insure that your body and mind are functioning at peak levels of efficiency (Strategy # 12)

  • How to maximize your productivity and effectiveness using only five easy to apply time-management techniques (Strategy #18)

  • What to expect on the college dating scene and how to make yourself great "date-bait" without being taken advantage of! (Strategy # 24)

  • The 15 habits that will put you ahead of 99% of all other college students  (Strategy #9)

  • And much more!




"Not only would this book help a new student, but as a returning

  student, I found the theories and principles just as relevant--if

  only I had this book during my first time in college. Morris Taylor

  does a wonderful job of blending practical knowledge and

  inspiration. His advice provides superb guidance not only during

  the college years, but well beyond. I appreciated the variety of

  topics covered, from improving time management skills to tips

  for social engagements--I was not disappointed."

  Javad Reneau, student







  University Professors rate

How to Create a Magical College Life

5 out of 5 stars!


  "Morris Taylor has the rare ability to inspire and motivate.

  His excellent practical suggestions and strategies can be of

  great value to college and university students, whether at the

  undergraduate or at graduate and professional levels; in fact

  the learning from this book can be applied at all stages of life.

  How to Create a Magical College Life is a book I plan to keep on

  my shelf together with my volumes on science and medicine. I

  will not hesitate in recommending this book to my students."

  —Jena K. Khodadad, Ph.D., Faculty

     Rush Medical College, Rush University



  "As a professor of history at a Big Ten university for over thirty-

  five years I have struggled to help students develop 'Strategies

  for Better Grades, Healthier Relationships and Super-Self-

  Confidence.' It would have been great if Morris' book had been

  available at the time. While professors and student advisors are

  well aware of many of the strategies in the book, they have not

  always been able to present or package them to students in a

  way that is interesting, fun, and instructive without sounding


  "The book is student-friendly. Morris comes across as a buddy

  sharing advice over lunch or during a basketball game. Every

  'freshperson' should have this book and every parent of a new

  college student should sit down with him or her and go over

  the strategies in this book...

  "As I begin my thirty-sixth year of teaching I can already spot

  the students who can use this book and professors who can

  benefit from having students read it. This book should be in

  every college student's backpack."
Richard W. Thomas, Ph.D
   Professor of History
   Michigan State University



Still skeptical? 

Here's our




     Read this book.  Begin to apply the strategies and techniques it teaches.  Then,

     if at any time during your college career,


     *  you feel the techniques taught are not contributing to your success and enhancing

        your college experience, or

    *  if you receive a grade of less than 'B' in ANY course,


     simply return the book in any condition and receive a full refund -- NO QUESTIONS

    ASKED!  You have absolutely nothing to lose.  When you take the SAT or ACT there

    are no guarantees.  But we guarantee that these tested and powerful strategies will

    work for you ... or you  don't pay a cent!



In Just a Few Hours You Can Learn Everything

You Need To Know To Make Your

College Experience

the Best Preparation for the Rest of Your Life!


It's a shame for you not to achieve your dreams of academic and social success in college when these street-smart strategies are available to anyone who knows where to look and how to use them.  Even if you're starting from scratch, this book is your complete guide to excellence during your college years!


You are guaranteed to achieve better grades, healthier personal relationships and new self-confidence -- or your money back!  Don't wait another day to begin your journey to college excellence.  Download now!


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"Morris Taylor is consistently one of the strongest and

most effective trainers I've ever seen!" 

H.A. Krause, CEO

Crestcom International


Morris Taylor is a business trainer and motivational speaker who has delivered over 1,300 presentations all around the world. He has thrilled college and corporate audiences with his high energy presentations in such diverse locations as Guam, Holland, Brazil, Kenya, Bermuda, and throughout the US. He is the author of six books and his training programs are in use in 49 countries.  Wherever he travels, audiences agree, his unique presentation style is a must-see for anyone yearning for the motivation to pursue his or her untapped potential! 





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